Congratulations to the listed Puma Ladies.

Our next practice and 2n d Try-Out opportunity TBA

1st Parent’s Meeting at 5:00pm on Tuesday, September 26th 

Girls Basketball

Savanna Villanueva

Alicia Hinds

Johnna Tomkins

Jaleesa Robinson

A’maya Lockwood

Karina Pandher

Cheyanne Goode

Kaitlyn Kilroy

Romy Ladero

Tara Parsick

Cordelia Watkins

Gabby Diaz

Grayse Fa’asua

Sarina Pandher

Alaysia Carter

Desiree Anthony

Cameo Varnam

Julia Schauwker

Zia Rapada

Brianna Hinds

Jordan Peters

Anelani DeSantiago

Nicole Gonzalez

Following Players and others who could not attend, 2nd Try-Outs, TBA

Reegena Russell

Jaleesa Robinson

Savanna Schmidt

Stephanie Cota

Alexis Hinton

Brenda Gallegos

Sara Hamada

Alexis Bezley

Please reach out to Coach Gomez with any questions, thank you.